About Ghost Bound

Todd Greyson, a 14-year-old lover of ghosts and all things spooky, is about to embark on his dream trip: a visit to the famous Halloween Carnival! Todd’s hopes are shattered when he finds his brother has fallen ill on the morning of departure, but his feelings of despair quickly change with a visit from a frighteningly real ghost on Halloween night. The ghost offers a once in a lifetime chance to board a spectacular spirit train and travel to other worlds- beginning an adventure that is far more than he bargained for.

About the Author

PrinceofSpirits / Ash Horne
Ash is a digital artist from Southern California who has always had a passion for drawing and crafting stories. He hopes to introduce others to his characters and worlds through Ghost Bound!


Drawn, lined, and colored using a Wacom Intuos Pro in Paint Tool SAI 2
Panelling, Assembly, Effects, and Text in Clip Studio Paint EX